SVAVO Donated 100 Sets of Automatic Sanitizer Dispensers for School Season

Fri Mar 12:11 2022

With the arrival of the peak of returning to work and school after the Spring Festival holiday, all primary and secondary schools in Guangdong Province ushered in the opening season as scheduled, and the Education Bureau followed with a heavy epidemic prevention task and a large demand for epidemic prevention supplies.


In order to help Huidong County start the school season, strictly implement the epidemic prevention at the beginning of school, and pass the "first pass" of the new semester. SVAVO sponsored 100 sets of anti-epidemic mobile disinfection stations to the Huidong Education Bureau for hand disinfection of teachers and students. With stricter and more in-place epidemic prevention measures, strictly abide by the "school gate" and tighten the "safety valve".

The Donation Ceremony Successfully Held

The school is about to start. After communicating with the Huidong County Education Bureau, SVAVO donated 100 sets of automatic hand sanitizer station and supporting disinfectant products to the Huidong County Education Bureau to help build the Huidong campus epidemic prevention and control barriers.

On the afternoon of February 11, 2022, the donation ceremony was successfully held at the Huidong County Education Bureau.


Equipped with Technology to Build A Strong Defense Line

The series of mobile disinfection stations donated by SVAVO this time are composed of a sterilizer, a tray, a backboard and a mobile floor stand, which can be flexibly moved to facilitate the deployment of campus epidemic prevention; it highlights intelligent induction contact-free hand disinfection to avoid cross-infection; the disinfection can be completed by simply reaching out, with higher efficiency and efficacy.


The mobile disinfection station is suitable for use in a densely populated campus environment, meeting the daily hand disinfection needs of teachers and students, and effectively solving the problem of safe hand disinfection and large traffic after the school starts.

  •  At the School Entrance


In this special school season, isolation belts, thermometers and mobile disinfection stations have been set up at the entrances of Huidong campuses. Daily temperature monitoring and prevention are combined, and students are guided to enter the school in an orderly manner.

Many parents have praised the school's epidemic prevention measures, especially the addition of hand disinfection equipment - a mobile disinfection station, which can disinfect hands anytime, anywhere, maintain hand hygiene for teachers and students, and make them feel more at ease when their children return to school.

  •   At the Classroom


In the special education activities on epidemic prevention in schools, we insist on focusing on prevention, strengthen personal protection awareness, and improve personal protection capabilities.

SVAVO aims to help them develop good hygiene habits, and solidly implement normalized epidemic prevention and control measures. Moreover, the mobile disinfection station can be placed on an independent stand, and can also be placed on a table or on a wall for multiple scenarios, making campus epidemic prevention more powerful.


Versatile Combinations for Various Needs


SVAVO takes into account the height difference of the students in kindergartens, primary schools, and junior high schools, and the required height of the epidemic prevention equipment is different. Thus, the mobile disinfectant station is equipped with a detachable three-section floor stand and can adjust the height according to the height of the students.


SVAVO has an intimate insight into the needs of users and provides teachers and students with a safe, healthy, efficient and convenient campus environment that is free from viruses.


Public Welfare Epidemic Prevention, SVAVO is On the Go

Since the outbreak of the COVID epidemic in early 2020, the resumption of school and production has been at a critical juncture. SVAVO steps up to understand needs from important epidemic prevention units such as schools and street offices and organizes to urgently allocate resources to provide services for Buxin Primary School, Buxin Middle School, Luohu District Sub-district Office, Luohu District Education Bureau, Shenzhen No. 12 Kindergarten and other institutions. With reasonable epidemic prevention plans formulated and necessary epidemic prevention and disinfection equipment equipped, SVAVO provided free distribution and on-site installation guidance services to assist in the resumption of work, production and school in an all-round way.


SVAVO will continue to pay attention to the COVID epidemic, shoulder corporate social responsibilities, and actively join hands with all walks of life to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control.

The COVID battle is still going on, and prevention and control cannot be relaxed! SVAVO will take active actions to start from self, and be a practitioner of healthy life and a disseminator of healthy culture.


SVAVO is always on the go for public welfare epidemic prevention.


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