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Handy-easy Installation Auto Disinfectant Dispenser PL-151049SF-B
SVAVO newly upgraded sensor disinfectant dispenser with spray function is applicable to use medical disinfectant to help prevent the spread of illness-causing germs.
Model: PL-151049SF-B
Color: White/Grey/Black
Tags: Sanitizer Dispenser; Soap Dispenser; Disinfectant Dispenser; Touch Free Dispenser; Automatic Soap Dispenser


-Touch free: Infrared sensor to provide a smart and sanitary experience in 0.25S

-Material: Anti-bacterial housing to avoid bacterial retention and ensure longer performance

-Spray volume: Adjustable liquid volume dosage to cater to different needs

-Spray angle: Large spray range to make sure full disinfectant coverage of your hands

-Liquid tray: This extra part to catch any liquid residual to keep the floor clean

-Floor stand: Mobile stand makes protection available anywhere

-Personalized ads: Customize your personalized message on the back plate as value-adding ads

-Power supply: Optional to use batteries or AC/DC adaptor

Unit SizeL137*W109*H418mm
Unit Weight713.2g
Sensing Distance2-10±2cm
Power Supply4x“AA”batteries/power adaptor
ColorWhite/ Grey/ Black

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