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Founded in Shenzhen China in 2003, SVAVO is committed to providing innovative solutions in hotel room service and public health facilities maintenance, ensuring customers a healthier and smarter life. With the popularization of intelligent life and the arrival of 5G IoT technology, SVAVO wishes to cooperate with partners to meet the needs of customers in different scenarios through advanced technology and comprehensive services.


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Since its foundation, SVAVO has strategized China Root, Global Reach as mission and formed a globalized market layout gradually. SVAVO will always spare no effort to spread sanitary hygiene culture in all ways and work hard to inspire people’s imagination and pursuit towards smart intelligent lifestyle.



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SVAVO has accumulated 18 years professional experience in sanitary hygienic solutions and customized services.


Also, the continuous expansion of R&D team and Product Develop Center to meet the ever-increasing complex needs has always been one of the top priorities. So far, we have ID designers to carry out appearance design, who work closely with structure and electronic engineers to make the product concept into reality. The Mould team and QC team work jointly with Production Dept. to ensure the quality of mass production.


SVAVO continues to develop innovative production technology and always seeks for a technological breakthrough. R&D capability is valued as the most competitive core advantage. With the enlarging team members and armed with cutting-edge machines and equipment, the R&D team aims to provide the latest solutions for product design and development.



SVAVO has extracted and formed a standard product develop procedure for customized service from 18 years of development and manufacture experiences. There will be 6 stages as below: 1620872540313723.jpg 


1. Project

After receiving demands from customer, the Product Develop Center will set up a project team and assess the feasibility of customer’s demands.





2. Quotation

After assessing and weighing solutions, the project team will roughly work out a quotation for initial design and tooling cost.




3. Design

The professional R&D team will provide appearance design, structure or electronic design as needed.





4. Sample

After the whole product design, the project team will make a prototype and do several testing including simulation testing to check the functions and rule out any possible inconvenience for further production.




5. Mould

In this stage, the project team will focus on mould design and assess feasibility for mass production, then move on to a pilot production and test the items again for function, appearance and rule out any possible inconvenience for mass production.




6. Order

The final stage, after evaluation and assessment from pilot production, the development has finalized and ready for mass production.





SVAVO keeps up closely with the needs of the public, the frontier development of the industry, and the innovation of technology application. In addition to its annual product extension and expansion in the smart cleaning industry, it is not limited to industry restrictions, and provides product design and production for all walks of life.


1. Intelligent Cleaning Industry



2. Agriculture


3. Beauty and Skincare Industry


4. Personal Care Industry


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