Features | Commercial Hand Sanitizer Stations for Hygiene Solutions

Thu Apr 05:21 2020

SVAVO Commercial Hand Sanitizer Stations

The outbreak of the pandemic has made us pay more attention to the importance of public hygiene and personal health. SVAVO, as a professional manufacturer of smart sanitary ware products, has accumulated 17-year experiences and always seeks to spread the hygienic culture in all ways.

In this very moment, SVAVO spares no effort to develop high-end commercial sanitizer dispensers with stands to cater for various scenarios and needs.

SVAVO Spray Type Hand Sanitizer Dispensers PL-151049 Series

SVAVO spray type hand sanitizer dispenser adopts the spray liquid outlet method, which not only can quickly and effectively remove the germs on the hand, but also can save the amount of disinfectant. With the large capacity of 600ml, it can calmly cope with high-traffic areas.


SVAVO Gel Type Hand Sanitizer Dispensers PL-151055 Series

SVAVO gel type hand sanitizer dispenser adopts the liquid outlet method, which can load gel type hand sanitizer or liquid soap up to 1000ml, suitable for fairly high-traffic public space and reducing the frequency of liquid refills to make hygiene more efficient.

SVAVO Foam Type Hand Sanitizer Dispensers PL-151056

SVAVO gel type hand sanitizer dispenser adopts the foam outlet method to create rich foam and to clean your hands thoroughly. It is suitable for various public places and restrooms. Equipped with infrared reflective sensor, it helps provide non-touch sanitary experience effectively and efficiently.


Available Accessories to Meet Various Scenarios and Needs

You can also use with different accessories as you prefer. The available accessories include a tray to prevent liquid dripping onto the floor, a floor stand with a back plate to make hygiene mobile anywhere, a table stand to make the sterilization convenient for tabletop. Choose whatever you want to meet different scenarios and needs.

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