Product | How Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stands Improve Public Hygiene

Fri Aug 04:14 2020

COVID-19 outbreak has severely influenced our lives in the past few months. Even though the number of infected had a steady decrease in numbers worldwide, the fear of virus transmission is far from over. Governments around the world have carried out safety measures to prevent a new pandemic spread. A touchless hand sanitizer dispenser stands is now a common sight in public areas. The deployment of automatic hand sanitizer dispensers is one of the most effective and less invasive methods to counteract COVID-19 propagation.

Is hand sanitation helpful for killing bacteria? Are automatic hand sanitizer dispensers valid for preventing new contagions? In this brief article, we will consider this question and discuss the importance of having automatic hand sanitizer dispenser stand in public spaces.


Importance of Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser in Public Spaces

Without certainty about when the vaccine will be released, hand hygiene continues to be one of the main methods of prevention against COVID-19 and other bacteria. Touchless hand sanitizer dispenser stands are conveniently placed in public areas and facilities. This method was intended as a practical replacement for restroom soaps.

Among the primary causes of bacteria spread, there is people's touch. Above all, in public spaces such as subways, airports, facilities bathrooms and elevators, germs can live on an object surface for days. When these harmful agents get onto the hands, they can be passed from person to person by touch. This was one of the reasons why coronavirus ends up being so virulent.

Do hand sanitizers really prevent contagion? Hand sanitizer is composed of roughly 70% of alcohol. The Alcohol molecule is amphiphilic, meaning it is both attracted to water and fat. When the particles come in contact with coronavirus, they are able to break its outer layer, instantly killing it. Therefore, hand sanitizers can kill many different types of germs, including COVID-19. Remember that even if killed, the virus can still be dangerous. Everybody should use soaps and water to completely get rid of the remaining germs when possible. Ultimately, a touchless hand sanitizer dispenser stand can provide for a quick, accessible, and convenient way to clean our hand during our daily work or commute.


Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stands

Automatic hand sanitizer dispensers' installations are varied. The units can cater to various scenarios' needs. There is the automatic hand sanitizer dispenser stand attached to pole structures, table stands, or automatic hand sanitizer dispenser wall mounted. The better performing and safer tool is the touchless hand sanitizer dispenser stand, which does not require individuals to come in contact with the console. With infrared sensor technology, the hand sanitizer stations can quickly discharge the substance.

Touchless hand sanitizer dispenser stands should be located at the entrance of every public or private commercial building and on transportations. The number and type of installations should be decided according to the number of expected users, keeping in mind children, elderly, and individuals with limited mobility.

Among the many brands, a popular solution recently has been SVAVO mobile disinfectant station. This novel version, touchless hand sanitizer dispenser stands, features anti-bacterial housing to avoid bacterial retention. The dispenser can hold foam, spray, or gel sanitizer with adjustable volume dosage. Besides the standard specifications (small and large), SVAVO also offers customized capacity containers. The spray volume and angle can be adjusted to ensure the entire coverage of the hand, killing all the germs.



Finding a not invasive and easily applicable method to fight COVID-19 is crucial for the well-being of everybody. If you are interested in purchasing a touchless hand sanitizer dispenser stands for your facilities, we would like to recommend SVAVO.

Since 2003, SVAVO has been one of the innovators of the IoT system in public health facility maintenance and private establishments. The company has helped many businesses and authoritative organizations solving their problems with hygiene and healthcare.

Do you want to know more about how to prevent COVID-19 from affecting your business, SVAVO is happy to provide you with the answer.