Features | Hygienic Scenarios with SVAVO's Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Wed May 10:29 2020

SVAVO Mobile Sensor Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is a hand sanitation product that cans quickly and effectively remove the germs on the hands and prevent the spread and reproduction of germs. It has three liquid outlet methods to choose from (spray, foam, gel), which uses infrared reflective sensor to provide a non-touch sanitary experience for high-traffic public areas. The mobile sterilizer can be equipped with floor stand, table stand to make hygiene available everywhere, or you could simply hang on the wall. It could also match with a tray to catch the liquid drips and keep the space tidy and clean.

Thus, it is quite flexible to cater for various scenarios and needs:        

Hospitals and healthcare facilities:

Its service targets include not only patients and first responders, but also healthy people. Hospitals and healthcare facilities are under the risks to be the wildly breeding places of bacteria and germs. SVAVO mobile disinfection station is suitable for public areas of the hospital, which can effectively help people to clean their hands and prevent the spread and reproduction of germs.



SVAVO mobile non-touch sanitizer dispensers can serve as the front line of boosting personal health and hygiene for students and faculties. Equipped with floor stands make sterilization available everywhere and helps the schools to fulfill the resumption plan smoothly.

Sales centers:

The sales office is the main place for real estate display, not only a place for reception and business negotiation, but also a crowded trading point. Choose a mobile hand sanitizer station to allow customers to keep their hands clean and disinfected, bringing more professional protection to customers and increasing the odds of the deal.


Property centers:

The property center is a place responsible for the formulation and implementation of property management. It is easy to gather a large number of people in a certain period of time. At this time, the adjustable liquid output design adopted by SVAVO Mobile Sensor Disinfection Station can easily and calmly cope with high-traffic situations, to ensure a reasonable liquid usage.

Shopping malls:  

As a place with a very large flow of people and a collection of various shops, the commercial mobile disinfection station has the features of being available anywhere and the advantages of diversified liquids, which can better implement the disinfection of shopping malls.



As a place for the prevention and control of diseases, disabilities and injuries, the contactless induction feature of SVAVO Mobile Disinfection Station can assist the staff of CDC in creating a healthy environment and promoting people's personal health and hygiene.