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  • Plaza Series Spray Auto Hand Soap Dispenser PL-151047
Plaza Series Spray Auto Hand Soap Dispenser PL-151047
SVAVO Plaza series automatic soap dispenser PL-151047 has dispensing valve to cut off the soap after pumping and prevent dripping and spread of germs.
Model: PL-151047
Color: White/White&Grey/Black
Tags: Automatic Soap and Sanitizer Dispenser; Automatic Soap Dispenser; Auto Hand Soap Dispenser
Application:  High traffic areas, malls, transportations, office buidlings etc.
Certificate: CE; Design Patent


- Reliable dispensing settings: electronic dispenser releases sanitizer without direct hand contact.

- Two power supply ways: energy supplied by batteries or power connection.

- Design for alcohol hand sanitizer: better for hospitals and others public areas.

Unit SizeL132*W85*H240mm
Unit Weight630g
Sensing Distance2-10±2cm
Power Supply4x“AA”batteries/power adaptor
Carton Size560*481*263mm
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