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SVAVO Large Capacity Sensor Infrared One-stop Disinfectant Hygiene Station PRO-AS30
SVAVO Automatic One-stop Disinfectant Hygiene Station, with 5 Liter Capacity, is Ideal for all kinds of public occasions.
Model: PRO-AS30
Color: White/Grey/Green
Tags: One-stop Disinfectant Hygiene Station; Touchless Disinfectant Hygiene Station; Alcohol Spray Disinfectant Hygiene Station
Application:  Shopping Malls,Hotels,Stadiums,Hospitals,Cinemas, ect.
Certificate: Design Patent


-Sensor Infrared: The sterilizer can quickly and effectively remove germs on hand to prevent the spread and reproduction of germs. 

-Large Capacity: The sterilizer with 5Liter Capacity, can  effectively reduce the times of refilling the liquid. 

-Durable Appearance: The materials of station is Aluminum alloy & Ferroalloy for housing, can be put into all kinds of public occasions.


Touchless Disinfectant Hygiene Station PRO-AS30

Unit Size
Unit Weight9.7kg
MaterialAluminium Alloy&Ferroalloy
Sensing Distance2-10±2cm
Power Supply4x“AA”batteries/power adaptor
ColorWhite/ Grey/ Green

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