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Touchless Automatic Spray Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with Thermometer PL-151049C
SVAVO touchless automatic spray alcohol hand sanitizer dispenser with thermometer PL-151049C, can quickly and effectively remove germs on hand prvent the spread and reproduction of germs.
Model: PL-151049C
Color: White/White&Grey/Black 
Tags: Automatic Spray Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with Thermometer;  Automatic Disinfectant Spray Dispenser; Touchless Spray Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Dispenser


- Adjustable Liquid Dosage: Two adjustable liquid volume levels

- Easy to install:  Can be installed on the wall or table holder or floor stand

- Temperature Display Screen:  Timely and accurate temperature measurement

Unit SizeL132*W85*H240mm
Unit Weight700g 
Sensing DistanceLiquid Output: 2-12cm; Temperature:5-8cm
Temperature Display Range

<10℃       Display  "LO"

10-42.9℃  Display the measured temperature 

>42.9℃    Display "HI"

Power Supply4x“AA”batteries/power adaptor
Carton Size481*263*560mm

User Manual


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