How to Place the Hand Hygiene Station for Hospital Correctly

Tue Jan 11:51 2021


The pandemic (COVID-19) in 2020 has taught us many painful lessons. As we enter the next phase of COVID-19, prevention measures against coronavirus are still in urgent need. Public places, especially the hospital as a place where patients gather, are still the key to ensure adequate protection against the possibility of other virus infections. Therefore, providing a healthy and clean environment for patients has become the ultimate responsibility of medical staff in addition to maintaining their own hand hygiene.


According to WHO’s statement, it is necessary to place a hand hygiene station in public places like hospitals. With the characteristics of non-contact and easy to move, the disinfection hygiene station improves the health status of medical institutions to the greatest extent. Although the disinfection hygiene station plays an important role in reducing the risk of virus transmission and breeding, it does not mean that the more they are placed, the better. Where the key lies is how to place them correctly. In fact, optimizing the placement of hand hygiene stations for the hospital has much impact on disinfection than simply increasing the number of them.


This article will follow some general principles to help medical institutions minimize the spread of cross-contamination and healthcare-related infections by reasonably locating the hand hygiene station in the four common areas.


Hospital entrance

The hospital entrance is the first place for patients to enter the hospital from outside, turning into the most effective place to block the spread of the virus. Furthermore, hand disinfection at the hospital entrance by outdoor handwashing station will form a healthy environment inside the hospital. Therefore, solutions at the hospital entrance to place a disinfection hygiene station are essential to support and educate visitors to maintain hygiene.




Ward entrance

The patient's resistance against the virus is more fragile than the normal person, and they are one of the most vulnerable to bacterial and viral infections. Make sure that hand hygiene stations fully disinfect everyone who enters the ward. Consider placing the disinfection hygiene station near the entrance of the ward instead of behind objects or out of sight. When entering the ward, the hand hygiene station should be visible immediately to maintain the care staff's attention to patients and visitors throughout the interaction.




Nursing station

The nursing station is the place where the nursing work of many patients starts or ends, and one of the places with the largest flow of people in the hospital. Therefore, the excellent hand hygiene station should be placed at the nursing station. And the induction mode and automatic spraying characteristics of the disinfection hygiene station have proved to be significant to improve nursing work efficiency.





Because of the humid environment and the large flow of personnel, the toilet is also one of the active places where viruses and bacteria breed and multiply. Thus, placing a disinfection hygiene station with the contact-free mode in the toilet of the hospital avoid cross-infection seems to be urgent.




Hand hygiene station from SVAVO

SVAVO hand hygiene station is well suited as a solution for hospitals to improve health conditions. Equipped with an infrared sensor that can automatically spray disinfectant, the SVAVO hand hygiene station only needs its users simply pointing their hands at the nozzle. Such non-contact disinfection provided by SVAVO quickly and effectively removes bacteria from hands and prevents reproduction. Besides, its large capacity of 5L contributes to reducing the frequency of disinfectant supplement. At the same time, the durable aluminum alloy and ferroalloy metal appearance can effectively prolong the service life and reduce the maintenance cost of medical institutions.



As a pioneer in the field of public health facilities, SVAVO is committed to providing customers with intelligent and healthy solutions. For more information about SVAVO's hand hygiene stations, go and consult them.