5 Reasons Why You Should Own Disinfectant Hygiene Stations

Tue Jan 11:41 2021


COVID-19 has unfortunately endangered many people's lives. And even some things that were not given much importance before has found an important place in our daily lives. One of these cases is the observance of hygienic principles of hands. This issue can be solved by washing your hands with soap and water, and one of the recommended solutions is to use a disinfectant hygiene station


This solution with a proper touchless disinfectant hygiene station is recommended for public places and companies to block further transmission of pathogens. Besides, a clean and responsible image of your business, store, or restaurant can be created for your customers or clients by using an alcohol spray disinfectant hygiene station.


The rest of this post will further cover 5 reasons for you to figure out the necessity of a touchless disinfectant hygiene station.

Easy to Install

You can use the touchless disinfectant hygiene station at the entrance, dining area, toilet front, or meeting rooms. Installation of these devices does not require a complicated process, and the power supply of these devices can be a battery or power adapter. So it is urgent for a company to place a hygiene station to cut off the transmission route of viruses and bacteria.


Touchless Way for Sanitation

At this critical moment, because the impact of the new coronavirus has not completely faded, the non-contact mode still occupies an important part in the public. A touchless disinfectant hygiene station with infrared induction technology is the best solution to give you full protection. As soon as the sensor senses your hand, the disinfectant hygiene station will automatically spray the sanitizer without touching so as to avoid cross-infection effectively. It has to say that the convenient and rapid disinfection given by disinfectant hygiene station is essential during the pandemic.


Large Capacity and Durable Material

The entrance and exit of people flow in some public places is relatively large; simultaneously, it is also the place with the greatest possibility of virus transmission, so it is most necessary to use a large capacity of hygiene station. Compared with the disinfectant hygiene station, the small dispenser of hand sanitizer will greatly affect the efficiency of the work due to the frequent filling of disinfectant. The disinfection station with little place occupation and 5-liter capacity, in this case, is the best choice to be placed in this place with a large flow of people.


Moreover, the one-stop disinfectant hygiene station with aluminum alloy and ferroalloy shell is water-resistant and can withstand thousands of times of wear, thus greatly reducing the maintenance cost in the future.



Less Waste but More Economical

The traditional manual hygiene station will cause waste as the discharged volume is too much, or there is incomplete discharge. Consumption of disinfectant is much less due to the optimized nozzle of the disinfectant hygiene station and adjustable amount of liquid sprayed. After liquid entering the nozzle, the disinfectant turns into very fine droplets and completely covers the hand without consuming much liquid.

Beautiful Appearance

The most important thing for consumers, along with good build quality and reasonable price, is the beautiful appearance of the disinfectant hygiene station. The appearance of a touchless disinfectant hygiene station from SVAVO is simple but sophisticated. It is also available to customize the appearance to cater to your enterprises’ clean and responsible image or as an intelligent decoration for your company’s entrance.



Autumn and winter are the seasons for cold-blooded viruses such as the common cold, the flu, and now the COVID-19. Hand sanitization is especially crucial in high-traffic areas, as about 80% of viruses can be transmitted by hand. For this reason, the best way to deal with the COVID-19 and other viruses can be to use an alcohol spray disinfectant hygiene station along with a mask.


SVAVO has been a pioneer in technology and system solutions for human personal hygiene and public health facility. With the infrared sensor, large capacity, and durable appearance, SVAVO touchless disinfectant hygiene station is such a best choice for different public places that you can take into account.