Product | 3 Top Features about Automatic Soap Dispenser

Fri Aug 02:31 2020

In recent months, the sudden COVID-19 outbreak found us unprepared. Even though the number of infected individuals has been decreasing over the past few weeks, governments worldwide are implementing measures to control the pandemic.  

People have adjusted their life accordingly to the new directives, wearing medical masks and keeping a distance from each other. A serious problem not to overlook is the one related to the contact transmission of the virus through the objects. 

In our daily lives, touching door handles, public restrooms utilities, elevators buttons, and even small objects such as keys, banknotes, and mobile phones may spread the COVID-19. 

During the epidemic, citizens must wash their hands frequently. The appearance of the Automatic Soap Dispenser makes hand washing more convenient, hygienic, and healthy. In this article, we will look at mobile automatic soap dispensers' top features when it comes to preventing the virus from spreading. 


Safer Contactless Infrared Sensor 

Traditional manual soap dispenser needs to manually control the soap dispenser through the button, which is more suitable for family occasions. The small pressing of the pump head may result in cross-infection with various bacteria and viruses. 

During the epidemic period, contactless equipment like Touch Free dispenser has become a trend in public health construction. The automatic soap dispenser uses infrared technology to automatically squeeze out a certain amount of soap when the human body approaches. 

Touch-free dispenser can quickly and effectively remove germs from the hands. Besides, it can not only prevent the spread and reproduction of germs but also avoid cross-infection. 


A more user-friendly vertical stand

As we all know, the subway is a public place with a large stream of people, where the virus may pass on easily. However, it is not simple to find a suitable place for a wall-mounted disinfection machine.  How to solve this problem? The mobile automatic soap dispenser, equipped with vertical supports, is the best answer to this dilemma. It can be deployed in any public area, especially in restrooms. It is easy to disassemble and does not occupy space. More importantly, it is more convenient for people to use.

Practical Large Capacity Machine Design

The large-capacity infrared Disinfectant Dispenser is especially suitable for public places with a large flow of people, such as schools, hospitals, and banks. There is no need for frequent replacement, thus saving time and improving work efficiency. Automatic soap dispensers are simpler, more efficient, and more intimate tools, which reduces the risk of infection for the public and brings safe health protection.



About SVAVO Induction Sterilizer

There are two kinds of liquids for the mobile disinfection station of SVAVO Automatic Disinfectant Dispenser, which are 75% alcohol disinfectant and no-clean sterilization hand sanitizer gel. Furthermore, the design of the anti-sprinkling tray at the bottom of the disinfectant dispenser can avoid the safety accidents caused by the slippery ground. Besides, the vertical bracket is more convenient to dismount and assemble, which is very suitable for public use. 

One of the automatic soap dispenser top features is connected to its minimalist design style. With ABS environmentally friendly material design, it is no odor and high-temperature resistance. In addition to that, it is durable, healthier, and environmentally friendly.


Nowadays, everyone should think highly of epidemic prevention and control. Returning to work after the stop is a new challenge for companies. We need to take some scientific and reasonable precautions. For instance, selecting a touch-free dispenser. Automatic soap dispensers are more conducive to the implementation of epidemic prevention and control. 

Last but not least, we hope this article could help you learn more about automatic soap dispensers.