Product Info | SVAVO Mobile Sterilization Stand with Dispensers for Personal Hygiene

Sun Mar 11:14 2020

The sudden outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus was unpredictable and has caught us off guard. During this period, many cases have confirmed that door handles, residential areas and office building elevators, and even keys, banknotes, and mobile phones may become intermediaries for spreading the coronavirus. In addition to the necessary mask protection measures, disinfection and hand hygiene are very important as well. 

SVAVO induction sterilizer upgraded as Mobile Disinfection Station

The newly upgraded sterilizer has shown features such as optional installation ways like wall-mounted or mounted to a mobile floor stand, also the anti-spillage tray is added to solve the trouble of washing hands outdoors and in other public places, and to avoid wet and slippery floor as well. The unit is suitable for two kinds of liquids, namely 75% alcohol disinfectant and hand sanitizer gel.


Versatile for any public places or restrooms

An ideal touch-free sterilizer for schools, hospitals, hotels, or public transportation like subways and airports, also suitable for office buildings and departments.