Product Info | SVAVO Newest Auto Disinfectant Dispenser with Mobile Stand Series

Sun Mar 11:49 2020

During the epidemic period where even staying at home can also contribute to the situation, in addition to wearing a mask, the daily disinfection must also be in place. In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, SVAVO upgraded the induction sterilizer in multiple dimensions.


Features of the Newest Auto Disinfectant Dispenser with Mobile Stand Series


According to the needs of the scene, the Newest Auto Disinfectant Dispenser with Mobile Stand Series finally launch these days. To meet various needs, mobile sterilizers with three different spraying / dripping / foaming methods can be selected to keep hands clean and hygienic, which can effectively prevent the spread and reproduction of germs.



                              · Touch free - Equips you to fight the spread of illness-causing germs


                              · Floor stand or table stand -  Makes protection from SVAVO Automatic Dispensers Available anywhere


                              · Customized service - Personalize your message on the backplate


                              · Versatile - Optional with gel sanitizer, foam sanitizer and alcohol disinfectant







SVAVO, as a national high-tech enterprise certified for many years, has been focusing on technological innovation and upgrades. By providing high-quality inductive product solutions for star-rated hotels and public spaces, SVAVO has accumulated rich product development and manufacturing experience, especially in public bathrooms. SVAVO aims to promote and spread the concept of hygienic solutions always and all ways.