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Restaurant Commercial Toilet Paper Dispenser V-610
Highest quality paper dispenser machine V-610 with brand new eco-friendly abs plastic material, and suitable in hospital, airport, station, super marketing, office, hotel, restaurant and etc.
Model: V-610
Color: White/Clarity Brown
Tags: Commercial Toilet Paper Dispenser; Toilet Paper Roll Cover; Paper Dispenser Machine
Application:  High traffic areas, malls, transportations, office buidlings etc.
Certificate: Design Patent


- Wall mounted: easy installation and save space.

- Suitatble: hospital, Airport, Station, Super Marketing, Office, Hotel, Restaurant and etc.

- Material: brand new eco-friendly abs plastic material.

Unit SizeL270*W125*H280mm
Unit Weight655g
ColorWhite/Clarity Brown
Carton Size585*423*584mm

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