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Bathroom Restroom Hand Dryers VX280
SVAVO bathroom compact hand dryer VX280 which is small and modern design for shopping mall and office building washroom.
Model: VX280
Color: White/Silver
Tags: Industrial Hand Dryer; Compact Hand Dryer; Restroom Hand Dryers
Application:  High traffic areas, malls, hotel, hospital, office buidlings etc.
Certificate: Design Patent


- Wide use: the sleek design and finish will accent any interior design, and is perfect for public restrooms, hotels, restaurants, event venues, hospitals, office buildings, schools, and any commercial setting.
- Intelligent design: this hand dryer unit is fully automatic and uses an infrared sensor to detect when hands are under the dryer, immediate start and stop function based on the highly accurate sensor ensures efficiency and saves power.
- As a decoration: this dryer has a slim and elegant design that will exquisitely accent any commercial or institutional decor,the size and width of the dryer can be easily installed in tight spaces.

Unit SizeL145*W130*H250mm
Unit Weight1528g
Working VoltageAC220-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Working Current4.6A
Air Speed35± 2m/sec
Carton Size615*339*317mm

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