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  • Bathroom Room Air Freshener Dispenser V-EP710
Bathroom Room Air Freshener Dispenser V-EP710
SVAVO bathroom air fresh dispenser V-EP710 can help you make the air clean automatically.
Model: V-EP710
Color: White
Tags: Air Fresh Dispenser; Air Freshener Automatic Spray Dispenser; Room Air Freshener Dispenser
Application:  High traffic areas, hotels, malls, hospitals, office buidlings etc.
Certificate: /


- Easy installation: unique wall mounted design, can be easily hang on the wall and placed on the desk, you can installs in minutes without tools.
- Multiple settings: features time setting function, you can set time to achieve automatic turn on and off. The interval time can be set as 5/15/25 minutes as your need.
- High quality: abs material, durable and e-co friendly.

Unit SizeL115*W85*H210mm
Unit Weight336g
Working MethodDay/Night/24hrs
Power Supply2”D” size batteries
Carton Size505*430*414mm

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