Indiegogo Launch of SVAVO Auto Liquid Dispenser

Fri Sep 05:09 2020

SVAVO Auto Liquid Dispenser to Launch On Indiegogo

Auto liquid dispenser V-475 is a new intelligent product developed by SVAVO, aiming to provide smart and convenient hand hygiene solutions for modern people. SVAVO sensor hand soap dispenser V-475 will cause a stir in the industry because it integrates intelligence and hygiene. It will be glad to know that a variety of amazing discounts will be offered in the crowdfunding campaign. The smart sensor hand soap dispenser starts at $39.99, but a 50% discount will be offered on Indiegogo. Hit for more:


The crowdfunding campaign of SVAVO auto liquid dispenser V-475 on Indiegogo will last 35 days from September 21 to reach the crowdfunding target of $20000. The most exciting moment of the event is that the first 300 early bird's price is $19.99/pcs, and there will be a free base tray. Simultaneously, there will be five different perks in different discounts, and the maximum discount can reach 55%! 

Aa a matter of fact, the auto liquid dispenser has its necessary to start crowdfunding. The outbreak of COVID-19 this year has made people pay more attention to hand hygiene than ever before. Simultaneously, the concept of an intelligent lifestyle has been widely promoted. In order to prevent infection and reduce the spread of the virus, non-contact mode enables infrared sensing to play an important role in controlling and protecting ourselves and others. The touchless hand soap dispenser V-475 will be the best product to promote hand hygiene and personal care during the pandemic outbreak.


A more advanced infrared sensor technology is applied in SVAVO automatic liquid dispenser, allowing it to automatically transport the amount of liquid that the user wants and breaking the traditional manual pressing method. SVAVO automatic liquid dispenser is the best way to effectively prevent the cross-infection of bacteria and viruses as eliminating the worry of bacteria or stains on the dispenser.

Moreover, the liquid volume of the SVAVO touchless hand soap dispenser can be adjusted in two ways. A small volume discharge of 1.5 ml liquid is suitable for children while the large volume discharge of 2.5 ml liquid is right for adults. By setting the volume of liquid discharge, the automatic liquid dispenser can realize uniform liquid discharge and avoid excessive liquid output caused by the waste of manual pressing.

The touchless soap dispenser is powered by batteries fixed to the bottom without a USB, so there is no worry about not having a charging cable or finding a plug. After the battery cover is firmly locked, it can be safely rinsed for 2 minutes under the tap without worrying whether water will enter the dispenser causing failure.


It has to mention that SVAVO touchless hand soap dispenser has a wide range of applications. In addition to being used as a hand sanitizer bottle in bathrooms, SVAVO touchless hand soap dispenser can also be used in the kitchen. It can even be put on the dresser as a good choice for toner, lotion, etc.

With the popularity of intelligent technology, SVAVO has established the Internet of things technology department to comprehensively promote the application and development, meet the needs of customers in different scenarios, and provide customers with healthy and smart life. The crowdfunding campaign of SVAVO auto liquid dispenser V-475 will be ongoing! Come and visit the activity page to book now!


SVAVO is a commercial hygiene supplier regarding smart solutions in hotel room service and public health facilities maintenance. Established in Shenzhen China in 2003, SVAVO spares no effort to research and develop more innovative and intelligent technology, provides the high-quality and smart product for customers and established long-term relationships with partners worldwide.


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