Hygiene Insights丨The most fabulous public restroom in Xi'an

Mon Dec 06:39 2019

Is this the living room?

No, this isn't the living room. It's a public restroom!


The public restroom in Yangzi Lane, South Street, Xi'an was officially open on 12th April. It is the first star public restroom designed by Beilin Forest Street, Beilin District, Xi'an according to national standard for public toilets and so far is the biggest and the most fabulous free public restroom in clock tower business circle

Ladies' Room


Men's Room


Unisex Toilet



Besides the traditional men's room and women's room, Yangzi Lane public restroom also designs a third sanitation space for people with babies. There are small toilets for children, baby care stations, child safety seats and so on.

The third sanitation space is also called "Family bathroom", aiming to provide convenient and considerate facilities and reasonable space for people with babies when facing the toilet issues.



Wash basins with different heights to satisfy various needs


Hand paper towels, hand sanitizer, mosquito dispeller, hand dryer, flowers and plants, sound controller and so on are all included in the third sanitation space to show social humanistic care and to look after everyone in need considerately. It stands for the goodwill of designers and marks as a small step toward a more civilized society.

Have you felt the love and care from the world?