SVAVO Launches Advanced Waste Disposal System to Expand Plaza Series

Thu Sep 06:00 2022

SVAVO rolls out the newest advanced waste disposal system to serve as an indispensable sanitation facility in daily life, along with the general improvement of people's environmental awareness and aesthetic pursuit. Various types and functions of garbage bins are constantly being renovated and produced to dazzle your eyes. Yet SVAVO consistently focuses on the core issue and providing sanitary experience by abiding to the principle that less is more.

The design language follows the minimalist style of Plaza Series, aiming to bring a neat and clean aesthetic to the space. Based on different usage scenarios, SVAVO Plaza series trash cans are also differentiated in size and function to achieve the coverage of all daily life scenarios from public to household, from toilet cubicles to washbasins, from office areas to leisure spaces, etc. Both sleek and practical, it has been popular with consumers since its launch.


Touch-Free Sanitary Napkin Disposal Receptacle PL-151041S

There are two ways to open the lid of the AutomaticBathroom Trash Can, either through sensitive infrared induction by approaching your hand near the sensor zone, or simply kick gently through vibration induction, which completely liberates your hands and is more hygienic and safe without contact.

What's more, the built-in ozone output hole of Sanitary Napkin Trash Can will destroy the microbial membrane structure through the oxidation of oxygen atoms for 3 minutes every 5 hour to quickly inactivate bacteria, to eventually achieve the purpose of sterilization, reduce the content of bacteria in the bucket and maintain the cleanliness.


32L Wall Mounted Commercial Trash Can PL-151040

With a large capacity of 32 liters, it is suitable for high-traffic places such as public restrooms and office buildings. There are two installation methods to choose from. The wall-mounted method can free up the floor space and make daily cleaning and maintenance more thorough, while the floor-mounted installation can be close to the wall to improve space utilization.

The lid is designed with a large sloping opening, making it easy to throw at a distance, and blocking the direct exposure of disposed waste from the inside. The lid design can also well fixate the garbage bag, which can prevent it from slipping off when throwing heavy objects, also to conceal the whole garbage bag from the outside, making the overall space more tidy.


12L Compact Wall Mounted Trash Can PL-151041

As a more compact version of 8 gallon garbage can, slim trash can PL-151041 has a capacity of only 12L, which is more suitable for home and office scenarios, occupying little space, and is suitable to put in living rooms, kitchens, study rooms, and office areas. It will be more efficient and sleek than conventional 6L household trash cans. The same large sloping opening can again keeps minimum exposure of waste and fixate the garbage bag to make it invisible from the outside. Not to mention the sturdy ABS material will provide longer performance and makes it the best choice for household life.

配图4- PL-151041.jpg

SVAVO At a Peek

From single scenario to multiple scenarios, from product to lifestyle, SVAVO has been deepening its services and fulfilling its responsibilities. For 19 years, we have produced innovative cleaning and hygiene product solutions to help prevent germs and improve the quality of life. The sanitary disposal system will keep expanding to cover various needs and to create a safe, hygienic and healthy women-friendly sanitary space and work for the betterment of humanity.