SVAVO Rolls Out Newest Touch-Free Sanitary Napkin Disposal Solution

Mon May 06:34 2022

Women spend about 1,800 days and nights during their menstrual period in their lifetime, and at any given time about a quarter of women worldwide are menstruating, yet women's need for sanitation has not been given enough attention. Starting from the special hygiene needs of women during their menstrual period, SVAVO launched the Sensor Sanitary Trash Can PL-151041S to help create a safe, comfortable and healthy women-friendly restroom. 


Intelligent Induction to Release Your Hands

There are two ways to open the lid of the AutomaticBathroom Trash Can. You can open the lid through sensitive infrared induction by approaching your hand near the sensor zone, or simply kick gently through vibration induction, which completely liberates your hands and is more hygienic and safe without contact.


Wall or Floor, Two Installation Options

You can choose the installation method of the Sanitary Trash Can according to your actual needs. The wall mounting frees up the ground space, which will also bring more convenience for the ground cleaning work, whereas the floor standing is compact enough to be close to the wall, yet to improve the space utilization rate. 


Ozone Sterilization to Be More Hygienic  

Disposed sanitary napkins will breed a lot of bacteria. The built-in ozone output hole of Sanitary Napkin Trash Can will destroy the microbial membrane structure through the oxidation of oxygen atoms for 3 minutes every 5 hour to quickly inactivate bacteria, to eventually achieve the purpose of sterilization, reduce the content of bacteria in the bucket  and maintain the cleanliness.


IPX4 Waterproof to Prevent Any Potential Damage

The circuit in the barrel is sealed and waterproof protection, which can prevent the daily splash water from invading the electrical appliance and cause damage, making daily maintenance more worry-free.


Two Battery Supply Methods

It is suitable for 4 AA dry batteries, which can meet up 15,000 cycles, or lithium batteries, which can meet up 8,000 cycles and be rechargeable, adding  more environmentally friendly features.

The long-lasting battery life asks for no more extra frequent maintenance. To be more considerate, when the battery is charged, the red light flashes to remind you to replace the battery as soon as possible to ensure that the Automatic Trash Can is fully charged anytime.


Minimum Exposure of Sanitary Disposal

The inner and outer double lids with angle design can block any sight of the waste in the bin, protecting personal privacy and effectively isolating the odor in the bin.


As a pioneer of urban public services, SVAVO has been deepening its services and fulfilling its responsibilities. For 19 years, we have produced innovative cleaning and hygiene product solutions to help prevent germs and improve the quality of life. The sanitary disposal system will keep expanding to cover various needs and to create a safe, hygienic and healthy women-friendly sanitary space and work for the betterment of humanity.