SVAVO will hold two live streaming shows for the Canton Fair

Tue Apr 04:39 2022

The virtual opening of the 131st session of China Import and Export Fair Canton Fair has been successfully held. The Canton Fair is scheduled from April 15th to April 24th. As usual, it is a lively gathering place for all the merchants and buyers from all over the world, covering a variety of goods.


SVAVO will hold two live streaming shows for this Canton Fair, introducing the newest waste disposal system, along with PLAZA Series and soap dispensers. It is totally free to join the live streaming show by simply clicking picture below or scanning the QR code to get to SVAVO homepage. The first show will be held on 5:00 PM-6:00 PM (UTC/GMT +8), April 19, the second show will be scheduled on 4:30 PM-5:30 PM (UTC/GMT +8), April 22. You can get SVAVO latest product information and have real-time communication with SVAVO sales team in the showroom.


Newly SVAVO Advanced Waste Disposal System

Touch-Free Sanitary Napkin Disposal Receptacle PL-151041S

Sensor Sanitary Trash Can PL-151041S is designed to help create a safe, comfortable and healthy women-friendly restroom, which will completely liberate your hands and is more hygienic and safe without contact.


12L Compact Wall Mounted Trash Can PL-151041

Slim trash can PL-151041 has a capacity of only 12L, which is more suitable for home and office scenarios, occupying little space, and also suitable to put in living rooms, kitchens, study rooms, and office areas.



PLAZA Series

PLAZA Series has been very popular since its launch. It adopts a unified design language which features streamline and minimalistic, aiming to providing hygienic solution for high-end scenarios, covering a wide range of dispensers.  


Skincare System

Skincare System  is the most popular product category of SVAVO, ranging from desktop to wall-mounted, from manual to automatic, from small capacity to large volume, from home to public scenes, matching different usage needs.


SVAVO At a Peek

As a pioneer of urban public services, SVAVO has been deepening its services and fulfilling its responsibilities. For 19 years, we have focused on innovative cleaning and hygiene product solutions to help prevent germs and improve the quality of life.