SVAVO Donated another 300 Sets of Automatic Disinfectant Dispensers to Accelerate Epidemic Prevention Work

Mon Mar 01:12 2022

On March 4, 2022, at the critical moment of the epidemic prevention in Huidong, SVAVO joined hands with the Huidong County Youth Entrepreneurs Federation to donate 300 sets of Automatic Disinfectant Dispensers OS-0480 to Huidong People's Hospital, Huidong County Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Huidong County Party and Mass Service Center and Huidong County Red Cross Society and other organizations donated, contributing to the epidemic prevention work.


1、Improve Efficiency and Provide Excellent Service


This batch of donated disinfectant dispensers is mainly used for hand disinfection of the epidemic prevention staff. The automatic hand sanitizer dispenser OS-0480 adopts contact-free infrared induction technology, and the epidemic prevention staff can complete hand disinfection by simply reaching out hands without any touch, which is more convenient and efficient.


Yesterday, at the COVID detection point in Baihua Taiyangao Industrial Zone, Huidong County, SVAVO team took active action to send smart hand disinfection equipment to the epidemic prevention staff - touchless hand soap dispenser OS-0480, instead of traditional hand-pressed disinfection equipment, which remarkably reduces the burden on the epidemic prevention personnel and greatly improves the detection efficiency.


2、 Hand hygiene, keep healthy


Hand hygiene is an important measure to prevent and control the spread of the virus. SVAVO actively responds to the market demand and independently develops the hand sanitizer dispenser OS-0480. Its appearance is simple and elegant, and you can get the disinfectant spray within seconds. At the same time, the spray output can be adjusted in 3 gears, and it can be used for both tabletop and wall mounting according to your own needs.


Everyone is responsible for epidemic prevention, and make washing hands and using hand disinfection equipment a daily habit. Automatic hand soap dispenser OS-0480 can be used not only for hand disinfection in public places, but also for household and personal hand disinfection. We should all be a part of the epidemic prevention strength and protecting yourself is protecting everyone.


SVAVO warm reminder: Under the normalization of the epidemic, we should adhere to the focus on prevention, strengthen personal protection awareness, and improve personal protection capabilities.


3、 Practicing public welfare and fighting the epidemic together

Contributing to the fight against the epidemic is the social responsibility and corporate responsibility of the enterprise. Whenever is needed, the enterprise has the obligation to provide support, jointly protect the lives and health of the people and helping to prevent germs has long been the highest vision of SVAVO.


As a pioneer of urban public services, SVAVO has been deepening its services and fulfilling its responsibilities. For 19 years, we have produced innovative cleaning and hygiene product solutions to help prevent germs and improve the quality of life. Starting from the needs of the current epidemic, SVAVO uses practical actions to help the public in epidemic prevention and demonstrate its ability to take action against epidemic.