3 Major Doubts You Should Clarify About High Speed Hand Dryer

Mon Sep 02:21 2021

High speed hand dryer, a sanitary appliance used to dry hands in the bathroom, can be found in public restrooms of hotels, restaurants, scientific research institutions, hospitals, and general amusement spots. The warm and comfortable wind coming from the high speed hand dryer will automatically dry your hands within seconds once you stretch your hands under the air outlet. Meanwhile, it will automatically shut off when your hands are away from it. 


A large amount of paper towel is wasted if there is no high speed hand dryer in a bathroom. In fact, hand dryers can save millions of dollars every year over paper towels no matter in operation or maintenance. Also, the design concept behind this facility is to deliver eco-friendly and personal hygiene awareness to the public. As a result, people in mounting numbers are getting into this sanitation habit. They are much more willing to install a hand dryer in bathrooms, especially during the outbreak of the epidemic.


There are various high speed hand dryers available on the market, but how to select them can bring you the greatest benefits? We are going to take you through this post which covers three common misunderstandings you have to figure out before purchasing.



There is always the stereotype that some customers believe all hand dryers will damage their skin due to the extremely high temperature released from the high speed hand dryer. That is absolutely a deviation from the fact that technology has advanced, resulting in rapid air coming out with appropriate warmth even you have not noticed. It also improves the environment and diminishes the emission of carbon dioxide. For example, the SVAVO commercial bathroom hand dryer with a built-in Temperature Control System can sense ambient conditions and automatically selecting the optimal heating-level for each drying cycle,


Dry times

There is also a concern about taking too much time to dry hands. With more technology progress today, the new air outlet's unique design has turned the tide that makes dry time as rapid as 10+ seconds, increasing the effectiveness, especially when lining up for drying in the bathroom in some public plaza.


Consider the commercial bathroom hand dryer of SVAVO. This original high speed hand dryer can rapidly dry hands in 10 seconds, with infrared sensor technology and thoughtful Double Side Air Outlets design. A digital screen is set above the air outlet to display countdown immediately once you stretch your hands in it, which maximizes energy conversation and makes sure you will not waste any time during this process.


Clean Air

Another source of misconception is a hygiene problem. Some people point out that using a hand dryer after hand washing is in vain, and the paper towel is cleaner than it. It is arguable that the wall mounted hand dryer is generally installed near the sink where it is always warm and humid that it is beneficial for the growth of bacteria in the facility if not enough clean measures are provided on time. 


Today, there is a new technology that just has evolved when regarding the air quality problem. HEPA filters in some products such as the SVAVO Plaza series High Speed Hand Dryer can filter out bacteria and pathogens when the air coming through before the air blown onto the hands. With timely smart program setting up, the CPU of it will remind you to replace the filter after 5000 times of drying, entirely hand hygiene guarantee provided always. Also, new pieces of evidence prove that there is also bacterial in the paper towel even it is dry and not being used, rendering the paper towel clean as invalid. You can never wipe your hands clean in Petri dishes for bacteria.


Real environment protection does not mean lower living standards and return to the primitive living society, or rather, through technological innovation to find cleaner ways to decrease energy consumption, which is the right and bold prediction in this era. Instead of leaving a piece of waste paper to nature, why not a breeze of winds? Don't become an accomplice of the fallen tree in the tropical rain forest.


SVAVO is a manufacturer committed to providing innovative high speed hand dryers for the global commercial market. We have a complete and scientific quality management system and has been recognized by the industry for its integrity, strength, and product quality. To learn more about SVAVO hygienic solutions, welcome to send us any inquiries!