3 Reasons to Take Workplace a Hand Hygiene Station with Temperature Detector

Tue Mar 04:42 2021

In 2020, there was an event that caught the world's attention. That was the outbreak of the new coronavirus. COVID-19 has affected the lives of people all over the world. The economy and trade of various countries have also suffered setbacks. People's daily life is seriously affected. 


Although the impact of the epidemic continues, life has to go on. Employees are gradually returning to work, but their fear of the epidemic is still there. To ensure employees' health and safety and allow them to relax in the office environment, epidemic prevention measures are essential.


Due to the staff's daily work, the office building has a large flow of people. If no precautions are taken, employees are at risk of infection with COVID-19. It is very wise and necessary to equip workplaces with a hand hygiene station. SVAVO hand hygiene station is highly recommended. 


This hand hygiene station can automatically detect employees' temperature and is suitable for 75% alcohol disinfectant. The automatic hygiene station can better check the temperature of employees at any time to avoid the threat of an epidemic as much as possible. And it provides employees with a healthy office environment. There are top three reasons for workplaces to choose hand hygiene station below:


Hand Hygiene Station can detect employees' body temperature quickly at any time.


The hand hygiene station is equipped with a sensitive and intelligent temperature detection probe, which can automatically and quickly detect employees' body temperature. Employees do not need to touch this skin temperature measurement device. They only need to keep their hands close to the hand hygiene station to detect their body temperature quickly. 


Employees can take body temperature checks at any time. Office buildings or offices do not need to arrange for staff to perform temperature checks on employees. This skin temperature measurement device saves time and effort. It helps workplaces reduce the workforce and material resources required for epidemic prevention and control.

Floor standing hand hygiene station occupies small footprint.


This touchless disinfectant hygiene station is floor standing. It occupies very small footprint, though powered with sockets required, which means the hand hygiene station can be placed everywhere in office buildings. The hand hygiene station is small and light enough for you to move it anywhere you want. Once the hand hygiene station is in place, no further operations are required. The intelligent function of this skin temperature measurement device helps office buildings reduce a lot of unnecessary troubles caused by epidemic prevention and control.

The hand hygiene station has a customized design.


The hand hygiene station's dispenser body can do customized painting design. Compared with the traditional automatic hygiene station's rigid and fixed appearance, the custom function of this automatic hygiene station allows the office building to choose a skin temperature measurement device that meets the temperament of the workplace.


Custom-designed hand hygiene stations can fit different design styles of workplaces. The hand hygiene station is a necessary setting during the epidemic prevention period and will become a unique office building landscape. Even though people are still facing the threats and inconveniences of the epidemic, this automatic hygiene station is committed to satisfying different appearance requirements and becoming a beautiful landscape in the office environment.


SVAVO hand hygiene station can quickly detect employees' body temperature, which is essential equipment during the epidemic prevention period in office buildings. SVAVO is a manufacturer aiming at providing innovative products as the core solution for the global commercial market. SVAVO integrates R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service in-house and is certificated as National High-tech Enterprise, passing ISO9001 and BSCI. SVAVO is committed to providing intelligent hygienic solutions, making efforts for epidemic prevention and control, and providing more convenient intelligent products for shopping malls, hotels, stadiums, hospitals, cinemas, etc.