Event | SVAVO Expands New Production Base for Intelligent Hygienic Solutions

Wed Sep 11:56 2020

After 17 years of hard work and growth, SVAVO has ushered in a new historical moment.  

In 2020, under the special global economic environment, SVAVO will invest in the world's top processing equipment and expand its new base to strive to provide faster delivery and better quality products, which will greatly strengthen production capacity and expand storage space, shed off unnecessary costs and add more value to every hygienic solution.


The new production base is located in Huizhou City, a famous manufacturing city with quite mature supply chain and associate services nearby, covering a land of 30000 square meters, empowering the new base with outstanding geographical and industrial advantages.    


 The factory area has a modern office environment, spacious automated production workshops, advanced product laboratories and high-end testing equipment. The excellent production environment and more complete functional departments show the increasingly enhanced strength of SVAVO.

Modern Office Area



Innovation Influencer Pavilion



Comfortable Accommodation Layout


High-end Diverse Restaurants


New Era New Journey

In the future, SVAVO will usher in a new peak of development.



Founded in Shenzhen China in 2003, SVAVO is committed to providing innovative solutions in hotel room service and public health facilities maintenance, ensuring customers a healthier and smarter life. With the popularization of intelligent life and the arrival of 5G IoT technology, SVAVO wishes to cooperate with partners to meet the needs of customers in different scenarios through advanced technology and comprehensive services.