Product | SVAVO Launches the New Touchless Hand Soap Dispenser

Fri Aug 05:44 2020

Non-contact mode is slowly infiltrating into life as a result of more attention was paid on hygiene since the outbreak of the COVID-19. What is noteworthy is the fact that intelligence contributed to non-contact mode plays a significant role in epidemic containing. Among a large number of enterprises that combine intelligence with product innovation, SVAVO launches the new touchless hand soap dispenser to bring people a more comfortable life.

SVAVO has been committed to providing users with healthy and intelligent life through innovative, intelligent technology and the Internet of things. The best touchless soap dispenser is one of their innovative products under intelligent technology.


The technology behind the touchless hand soap dispenser

Infrared sensing technology has been widely used in various containing measures to significantly improving efficiency and accuracy during the outbreak of the COVID-19. Infrared sensing technology is also applied in SVAVO touchless hand soap dispenser. According to the principle of infrared reflection, when the human hand or a part of the body enters the infrared region, the sensor in the automatic soap dispenser will detect the change of the infrared spectrum of the human body and automatically discharge the liquid. When the hand leaves the infrared region, liquid output stops.


Features of the touchless hand soap dispenser

A wide range of applications is the most prominent feature the touchless hand soap dispenser possesses. In addition, to fill detergent in the kitchen and hand sanitizer, shampoo, or bath lotion in the bathroom, the sensor hand soap dispenser can even be used to fill toner and makeup remover on the dresser to redefine your new way of makeup and to remove. What's more, the sensor hand soap dispenser is small and portable as the same size as an ordinary bottle to takes up little space, which means it can be taken outdoors everywhere.


The liquid volume can be adjusted in two ways. If the green indicator light flashes once after pressing the middle button, it can adjust the liquid output of 1.5 ml. Two flashes of the green indicator light show 2.5 ml liquid can be discharged. The touchless hand soap dispenser realizes even liquid discharge and helps avoid the waste of excessive liquid output caused by manual pressing. It is worth mentioning that gel products are not suitable for this dispenser.

SVAVO aims at intelligent and convenient life and providing the best safety protection for users. The sensor hand soap dispenser breaks the traditional manual press-out method to dispel fears of leaving bacteria or stains on the dispenser before washing hands. It effectively prevents the cross-infection of bacteria and viruses and provides a clean washing environment.


Adopting the IPX6 waterproof design, the safety level of SVAVO touchless hand soap dispenser is very high. The battery is fixed at the bottom of the dispenser. When the battery cover is firmly locked, it can be safely rinsed under the faucet for up to 2 minutes.

Intelligent life is gaining popularity, and the convenience and happiness brought by smart products are evident. SVAVO touchless hand soap dispenser comes out under such a concept to improve the quality of life. Adhering to the belief that the user's experience is the first, SVAVO is ready to develop more intelligent products for its end-consumers to pursuit high-quality life.



Founded in Shenzhen China in 2003, SVAVO is committed to providing innovative solutions in hotel room service and public health facilities maintenance, ensuring customers a healthier and smarter life. With the popularization of intelligent life and the arrival of 5G IoT technology, SVAVO wishes to cooperate with partners to meet the needs of customers in different scenarios through advanced technology and comprehensive services.

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