Features | SVAVO Automatic Disinfectant Dispensers for Health and Hygiene

Wed May 11:11 2020

Alcohol disinfection sprayers are also called hand disinfectors and alcohol disinfectors. They use the principle of induction to spray disinfection materials in a contact-free manner to disinfect hands and upper arms. It is suitable for production enterprises such as food, medicine, cosmetics, hygiene products, medical equipment, electronics factories, laboratories, etc., and it is also widely used in daily life in public areas.

Auto Disinfectant Spray Dispenser PL-151049 Series:

The product continues the design language of the whole series as minimalist style, displaying a sleek and modern outlook. It uses infrared reflective sensor to spray disinfectant and provides non-touch sanitary experience. It has adjustable liquid dosage to meet various needs, but it’s recommended to use volume 1 setting to prevent overuse. It is optional to choose accessories such as floor stand, table stand or tray to cater for various scenarios and needs.


Sensor Alcohol Spray Dispenser V-480D:

No contact is more hygienic, making hand washing a mandatory course every day. ABS material, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and heat resistance. Available battery or power supply; can be used for both desktop and wall mounting. The product occupies a small area and is suitable for multi-scenario use.

Non-touch Spray Sanitizer Dispenser V-930S:

It is made of ABS original material by special process, equipped with see-through window, the liquid usage is clear at a glance; the infrared sensor is sensitive and the liquid is discharged quickly. Simple installation to meet different needs.


Manual Spray Hand Sanitizer Dispenser V-688:

It adopts wall-mounted installation, do not occupy extra space, use manual liquid discharge method, suitable for family kitchen, hotel, office building, public places. The wide handle design can press the liquid out at will; it is made of ABS original material, which has the advantages of long service life, corrosion resistance and smooth surface.

The above products are all alcohol spray soap dispenser series, different installation methods and liquid discharge methods are suitable for different scenarios and different consumer needs. SVAVO provides customers with comprehensive and multi-dimensional services, which can be accurately realized and humanized to meet the needs of customers' hand cleaning and disinfection.