Product Info丨Plaza series reflects SVAVO’s vision of hygiene solutions

Thu Dec 04:05 2019

The Plaza series was designed and independently developed by SVAVO. This series includes more than 7 products. Its inspiration comes from the current popularity of flat and simple style, to following a simple but unique design trend, using the plat surface to create a lightly visual. 配图1.jpg

The initial concept, tailored to the functionality of each product was developed to create a global range of high-quality and innovative allocations for all bathroom services. 


 The refined line design and unique shape of Plaza series products make the charm of minimalism to the extreme. The Plaza series products reach to a much higher level with omnidirectional intelligent sensor device and overturn the traditional cleaning way, which not only enable people to the smooth and convenient experience, but also reflects the advanced futuristic sense of science and technology, which is sufficiently presenting SVAVO’s strong vision of promoting smart bathroom culture.配图3.jpg