Hygiene Insights丨Tips on Soap Dispenser along with a Sanitary Life

Wed Nov 10:14 2019

Stepping into a bathroom, a kitchen, or a living room, what's the first impression you want to gain from it? Stately? Modernized? Stylish? You might not even notice, but sanitation must be the first need. Today we are going to discuss the decorative liquid soap dispenser, which not only adds to the sanitation level of the space but also provides you with more comfortable as well as convenient, sanitary experience.


What's the soap dispenser? 

The soap dispenser is divided into manual and induction type. It is characterized by automatic or manual, quantitative hand washing liquid, body washes liquid, shampoo, etc., which is convenient for distribution, maintaining, and releasing fluid. It comes with various colors and shapes in appearance, and the styles could be selected according to the needs of different places. 

 The inductive soap dispenser is a device that uses the human body's infrared induction to give a soap solution automatically. The signal generated by the sensor with lens and the piezoelectric tube is amplified and compared by the electronic circuit;and a switch signal is an output to drive a DC motor to drive the deceleration mechanism to rotate. The connecting rod of the reducer pushes the piston to extrude the soap liquid. 

The classification of the soap dispenser 

The main categories of soap dispensers are automatic induction soap dispenser, stainless steel induction soap dispenser, automatic induction foam soap dispenser, manual bubble soap dispenser, manual soap dispenser. 


Tips on using the soap dispenser 

 ①When you are using the soap dispenser for the first time, you can first add some water to discharge the vacuum inside; then add the soap dispenser. In addition, when using the soap dispenser for the first time, there may be some water drops in the bottle body and pump head. If such problem occurs, you don't need to worry about it. Because it's not a product quality problem, but a product delivery problem left over from pre-test. Of course, it's not sure but only possible to be bothered by such a situation.


② If the soap liquid in the soap dispenser is too thick and sticky, it may make the soap dispenser unable to produce liquid. To dilute the soap liquid, you can add a little water into the soap bottle of the soap dispenser and stir it; then the fluid can be produced. 

③ The dust and impurities in the soap liquid will block the outlet. So if you notice that the soap liquid in the bottle has deteriorated, you should change the soap liquid in time to avoid the trouble of blocking the outlet of the soap liquid dispenser. 

④ If the soap dispenser is idle for some time, some soap may condense. At this time, there are the following solutions: if the amount of soap is small, it can be stirred with warm water, so that the soap can be reduced to liquid. If the above methods are not feasible, remove the condensed soap, add warm water, and use the soap dispenser for many times until it is warm. The water is drained from the soap dispenser so that the whole soap dispenser is cleaned, and then the soap can be used again. 

⑤ In case of liquid drop or leakage during the use of soap dispenser: Take out the liquid in the bottle and wash the container with clear water. At the same time, press the pump head continuously to empty and clean. Check whether the installation position of the button or the pump head will be stuck and re-aligned. Remove the front panel of the soap dispenser, rotate the central shaft of the outlet pump head, and return the spring. In the end, the above precautions are conditional. There will be no such problems for the soap dispenser that is often used every day. What's more, as for a recommendation, SVAVO's new product Tabletop Automatic Soap Dispenser could almost assist you with all the troubles. The touch-less experience allows you to gain more convenience and sanitation. The leaking-free design could safe you with worries about leaking and mess on the bathroom table. By the way, it could also be used for bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. All-purpose brands of liquid soap are available. If you are still in hesitation, then you need to make up your mind and purchase one, for it would not make you down.